Freelance writing has presented writers with a great avenue to make a tidy income. There are many reasons why people choose to do a freelance writing job, some of which are:

  • The great flexibility offered by freelance writing. You are location independent and are not reliant to work at a specific place. Many writers have used their jobs as freelance writers to move to other countries and to experience a different culture. You can too by becoming a freelance writer.
  • Another popular reason for freelance writing is the fact that you can acquire many different income streams. As a writer, for example, for a publication, your income in entirely dependent on the health of the publication. If the publication closes down, you will be left without a job. However, as a freelance writer, you will be making connections with different clients and if one client can no longer offer you any work, you can simple replace them with another and have your other income streams to fall back on.
  • Giving back to the world through a niche is another reason for writers pursuing the freelance route. Many writers are passionate about their hobbies, professional experience or education and want to make the world more aware about these topics. Freelance writing is the perfect outlet for this.
  • You can make a tidy side income through freelance writing. Since freelance writing does not involve being at a physical location, many people use it is a part time job to make extra income after their working hours.

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